On May 23 officials from the European Central Bank have made the first act of remission, delivering a symbolic € 5 to hundreds of citizens, to signal the start of the process of restitution of the sums that the banking system has taken away from the civil and productive life. Remission is a SOCIAL READY MADE, first chapter of C.R.I.S.I project carried out by the Group Etcetera, winner of the second edition of International Award for Participatory Art.

SIGNATURES Mario Draghi (Rome, 1947) is an Italian economist and President of the European Central Bank since 2011. Between 1985 and 1990 he was executive director of the World Bank. From 2002 to 2006 served as governor of the Bank of Italy and vice president of Goldman Sachs Europe, the fourth largest investment bank in the world. During his administration he worked as one of the heads in advising the Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis on hiding the true dimension of Greek deficit that plunged the eurozone economy.Recently on May 2, 2013, the ideologist of the cut measures and austerity policies, made two performances during a press conferencein Bratislava: emulating an artist when he signs his works, Draghi stamped his signature on a giant reproduction of the new banknote of 5 euros. Then with An die Freude the European anthem as background, he began signing autographs on 5€ banknotes which were given to a group group of children who had to stay in line with the currency in hand posing for the cameras.

The artist’s signature is one of the most iconic, and often, the authorship of a work. It was not until the fifteenth century, with the great figures of the Renaissance, when artists began to sign their works getting social recognition of “artistic genius”. Since then they are considered able to produce achievements that exceed the normal. Due to the absolute personalism of the president of the ECB as
the main character of the neoliberal economic and political agendas of financial capitalism, and everything concerning to his person has taken a special interest. Everyone talks about the president of the ECB, about what he does, what he does not do, and what he should do. In this way, his signature is the final stamp that legitimizes the current process of crisis and ensures the no-future of the continent. However, the International Errorist has understood the magnitude of the disaster and proposes to carry out justice and return to the people a little bit of what corresponds to them.

Therefore LA REMISSIONE represents an act of redistribution. The collection of a collective signature with clear ironic reference, a parody of claims of the one who signs a contract, acquires a debit, adheres to a petition or receiving a blank check. Considering that conceptually in LA REMISSIONE is distributed real money, which comes from the taxes of their own citizen, and then finally, it returns into the vicious circle of this fictitious economy.

The signature reveals personalities, legitimizes and provides value. And in these forms are those who have signed in support of the cause, those who did it so as not to be left out, and those who by necessity they were forced to do it. Consciously or unconsciously, those two hundred persons who signed LA REMISSIONE and has received in return five euro, whether as a game or within the very reality, have been participated in the execution of a work of SOCIAL READY-MADE.



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